Black Raspberries

Black Raspberries








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Sold in 1/2 pint Containers


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Available July – August

Raspberries are delicious berries from the Rosaceae family, originally from Europe but now spread to regions all over the world. The raspberry has a taste ranging from tart to very sweet depending on the type and ripeness.  The center conical support is removed during picking, leaving the raspberry unable to withstand heavy loads. Thus, raspberries should not be stacked more than two layers thick as they may collapse which results in mushy berries and rapid deterioration.  Raspberries have several substantial health benefits. They are high in fiber (2/3 cup has 43 calories and 20% of daily requirement of fiber). They have a high antioxidant value as well as substantial amounts of key vitamins and minerals. Recent studies have shown that raspberries have numerous photochemical that have been shown to have benefits in preventing cancer, aging, and inflammation.

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