Eaters Guide to Berries

“Eaters Guide to Berries”

Eaters Guide to Berries Cover

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“Eaters’ Guide to Berries”

Jerry has written a book titled “Eaters Guide to Berries”  and have copies available for purchase on this website or on  This book provides all a berry consumer may want to know about the why, how, and other issues of eating berries.

  • Detailed discussion of the health benefits of specific berries – blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc.  It contains references to recent major studies documenting the health benefits for the research-minded to dig deeper.
  • Discussion of the varieties of various berries and their tastes, e.g. the difference in taste/sweetness of red, yellow, purple, and black raspberries.
  • Data on storage life and how to maximize different long-term storage types
  • The trade-offs of organic and non-organic berries; issues/benefits
  • Recipes ranging from the familiar to unconventional
  • How to shop for the best berries, where to find them and the best sizes

Beyond the healthy implications of berries, this book is about berries from the eaters’ point of view. It is written by an engineer who turned berry farmer after retirement, but who has had a lifetime interest in the impact of food on human health. This is truly an important read for anyone with health ailments or people interested in preventive health.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A History of Berries

Chapter 2: Berry Types

Chapter 3: Health Benefits of Berries

                       Powerful Black Berries
                       Antioxidant Potential 
                       Phytochemical Diversity
                       Specific Health Issues
                       •    Diabetes
                       •    Weight Management
                       •    Arthritis and Inflammation 
                       •    Heart Health and Blood Pressure
                       •    Cancer Prevention/ Treatment 
                       •    Depression 
                       •    Alzheimer’s and Dementia 

Chapter 4: Finding Quality Fresh Berries

                       Ripeness Indicators

Chapter 5: Organic vs. Conventionally Grown

                        Pesticides & Herbicides 
                        Conventionally Grown 
                        Organically Grown

Chapter 6: Storing Berries


Chapter 7: Recipes

Chapter 8: About the Author



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