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Sold  in Quart Containers

 Available August 1st – October 1st

Grapes have unique health benefits due to the flavanoids in their skin.  Most famously, these include resveratrol, which is probably the source of the “French Paradox.”  (The paradox being that the French diet is  high in saturated fats but they seem to avid the usual heart diseases, believed to be due to their high consumption of red wine which contains resveratrol.)  Grape consumption can have the same beneficial effect by protecting from free radical damage and reducing blood clots/platelet clumping.

Grapes also have therapeutic values for asthma, indigestion and fatigue (by boosting iron levels).

Jerry’s Gourmet Berries offer red, purple, and green seedless grapes and concord seeded grapes in season, late August thru early October.


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